A Life of Meaning

This is traditionally a time of year for resolutions. In order to have a resolution, you need to have something you need resolution for. It was last December 27th that I decided I was going to write and record another solo CD. This December 27th, I have my CD. I continue to write, and what I feel needed to be resolved was the fact that I had stopped writing.

December 27th naturally has an introspective feel for me. It is the anniversary of both my sister Laurie’s and my grandfather’s death. My grandfather had a full and meaningful life; he was a business owner with several children, grandchildren and great children when he died. My sister was 23. She was married a year, with nothing but promise ahead of her.

Laurie kept me close in childhood. She was five years my senior and ultimately took me on when I left the family home. She wrote me letters on birch bark one entire summer whilst she taught at music camp and she came to my shows, sitting in the front row, cheering me on. Laurie was a good big sister. I am grateful to have spent her last day on earth with her, in celebration of her accomplishments.

These pictures are of Laurie and me, different times in our childhood. The left, we were out for a walk in the woods and found a clearing to play in. On the right, at one of many music nights we attended at the school.

So whilst I make plans and set goals for the year ahead, as I do every year, I make sure I have plans to live a life with meaning. I live it for my sister who didn’t get a chance to, I live it for my parents who gave me life, and I live it for me – that little girl who had the biggest and most exciting plans for life.

In 2010 I will hold my creativity and my love for the planet and its inhabitants close to my heart. I’m prepared for the forever twisting and turning of living and whatever the year may bring.

Wishing you the most marvelous 2010, the turning of the decade, a time of great struggles on Planet Earth.

May you be safe, may you gain wisdom and may you live a year with meaning.

Much Love

Photo Credit ~ Sylvia Armstrong

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  • soulsprite


    Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for writing this.

    Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for writing this.

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