A welcomed foray into the visual.

It will be a month tomorrow that my Dad passed away. I had spent two weeks pretty much at his side leading up to his death and years trying to make his world a better place. It’s been tough to find my footing since.

I have not been playing the piano much of late. Every time I sit down something mournful comes out and although it’s good to feel the emotions and get it out, I find it’s not something I want to record so I move on to something else.

Getting lost in the world of video production has worked its graces on me this month and I’ve spent my time creating the Mind Trips visual partners to the ambient instrumental collection I completed last fall after The Legend of The Free was released. The music was a wind down and the videos were a retreat into creativity and I believe the end result is a nicely magical escape into a hopeful landscape of beauty and of promise.

I’ve also endeavoured to create my first storyline video with one of my favourite tracks This Special Place as well as giving a visual medium to the celebratory Beautiful Blue.

I am grateful for the creativity. I’m grateful for the talent behind the images. I’m grateful for the inspiration to take us all beyond the mundane and the overwhelming to a place where peace lives at our fingertips and our most magical dreams are real.

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Thanks for being part of my world,
Much Love xx

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