An End to Packaging - The Possibilities

This week I had to purchase two pieces of electronic equipment. One was a back up hard drive for my office; the other was a wireless mouse for my writing set up.

I was disappointed to see that both of these items, regardless of what brand I chose, came in thick plastic theft deterrent packaging. They make these items basically indestructible so that no one can rip open the package in the store and run out the door without paying. (The packages are embedded with a device that will set off an alarm if it’s not deactivated at the cash).


Let’s think about this. Every single electronic item is in this type of packaging, because a small number of people have chosen a life of crime. We pay more for products because a small number of people have chosen a life of crime. We pay more for the packaging too.

We also have higher unemployment rates than we’re used to coping with.

So here’s my vision:

For high theft items, let’s give people jobs to work electronic counters. Let’s make it so that we have to go and actually talk to someone to 1) see what options there are 2) understand the features and benefits of each 3) purchase from, without the plastic packaging.

Personally, if I’m going to pay more for something because it gets stolen a lot, I’d rather that money go into someone’s pocket to feed their family or build their life, than to fill that gap left at the store due to theft.

There are options to rebuild that are based on growth and positive momentum. I trust one day we’ll wake up and start moving in the right direction.

I wish you a grand week this middle of May, may it encompass all you desire (and very little plastic).


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