Cheering for Earth's colours - Blue, Green and Wonderful

I gather it’s the Superbowl today. I’ve never been much for sports, but when I lived in the US, I did attend my share of Superbowl parties and I do understand the draw. It’s a reason to celebrate with friends. It’s better than being hauled off to some musical theatre extravaganza with your mother-in-law. I get that!

They’ll even be tuned in to the game at the International Space Station. I think if I had that kind of vista I’d be foregoing the lads in spandex pants, but that’s just me.

We do take sports seriously on this planet. We paint our faces and draw upon our inner most reserves of outrageousness, all in the spirit of cheering on people who make millions of dollars to strut their stuff for us professionally. We purchase players from other regions and countries and slap our colours on them and they become ‘ours’.

The passion of the human race, the coming together with common goals, and the friendly competition between those who find they are cheering for different teams: these perspectives, approaches and forgiveness are in us, and they prove to me that, outside of sports, we CHOOSE to be confrontational on everything else we fight about. We CHOOSE to fail at compassion for each other.

If we can muster up the passion for football, maybe one day we’ll even be able to muster up the passion to be guardians for each other, for planet earth and for the ultimate freedom from over working and being a slave to the debilitating systems we’ve built to date.

If we could muster up that passion, we could virtually create a world that is worth celebrating every day.

Wishing you a week of new insights and new, soul enhancing beginnings.

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