Chickadee-dee-dee-dee - The Graces of Truth and Higher Perception

There’s a walk I take where the chickadees will eat right out of your hand. They start flying around you as soon as you get onto the trail and God forbid you forget to bring them something. I gladly bring these friendly, fearless & happy little creatures treats, because they grace me with their curiosity and they allow me to connect with nature in a way many people have never experienced.

There are chickadees in my yard too. They follow me around each morning as I refresh the feeders and bird baths. In fact, the chickadees are probably the first creatures I speak to most days, and I’d be quite dismayed if for some reason they weren’t there to greet me anymore. Sadly, all song birds are at risk from a number of human factors including glass buildings, pesticides and loss of habitat.

Chickadees are leaders in their communities. Many other bird species actually tag along with the chickadees. They are so vocal about their food discoveries the other birds follow for their foraging tips.

To the Cherokee, the Chickadee symbolizes TRUTH. As an animal totem it represents the higher mind and thinking process. I think this is why I like this little treasure so much, Truth and Higher Perception, just what the shaman ordered! They also eat mosquitoes, how cool is that?

If you are lucky enough to live in a Chickadee zone, next time you’re visited by one, reflect on areas in your life that require illumination. Truth is healing and balancing. When we live in truth, we let go of fear and our perceptions are open to what is true and healing in our world.

When we carry the truth, we are free, like the chickadees. Living an authentic life is the most truthful existence you could conjure up. Does your life reflect your truth? Are there stories you carry with you that impact your life negatively that perhaps aren’t even true? You can change that. Release what is untrue in your life. Be honest with yourself and others.

Wishing you a week intermingled with the curiosity of nature. May it open up your higher perceptions to the magic of life and transform the way you go about and think about your days.

Much Love xo


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