Climate Change or Climate Gate? Either way, it's just a distraction from what matters most.

Because I am an artist who covers topics such as Climate Change and Peace people are compelled to argue with me. I am a seeker of the truth, so I listen.

I want to make it clear though – I am not an expert on either of these topics. I write about them because I am touched by them. I am a student of these topics. As citizens of planet earth we should all have our eyes wide open.

On the agenda this week was Climate Change. There are people who believe
Climate Change is real, and people who do not.

The thing I find most interesting about the argument is this:

1) If it’s true – the human race had better make some changes quick, we’ve reached The Tipping Point

2) If it’s not true – carry on – as you were!

Let’s put the temperature of the planet aside for the time being and have a look at human behaviour of late. If we look at our relentless search for fuel to propel our machinery alone, we see some deplorable situations like the current oil spill, mountain top removal and dirty oil extraction leading to contaminated communities and wet lands as well as species extinctions.

My question is:
So what if C02 emissions from our vehicles, industry and factory farms are not to blame for the increase in temperature? The behaviour is still wrong, the behaviour is still unsustainable, the behaviour is still showing complete disregard for the planet – our planet.

The argument that Climate Change is not real seems a bit like a 'get out of jail free' card to me. It appears to be a hate fest against
Al Gore, intimating the only reason Al Gore is fighting this fight is because he stands to make millions in green technology. Please, I think Al Gore could choose to make millions doing just about anything, why would he pick such a hard battle to fight? Why wouldn’t he just go into mountain top removal? He certainly could do whatever he chose to do. Besides, Al Gore only jumped on this band wagon a few years back – people like David Suzuki have had an entire career studying the subject and have done their best to coach us to a better and more sustainable way of life.

What we know for sure is there is some controversy as to what is causing our earth to warm – but let’s ensure that argument doesn’t muddy the waters so much that we fail to see what is going on today on our earth – real travesties caused by real people for no other reason than greed.

You call this progress? You call this civilized?

There are people who want to live a life of excess and a life of greed. In order for them to do so they have to convince the rest of us we need to “PROGRESS” i.e.
we need more stuff, we need to go faster, further, higher and let's keep the business of war afloat too while we're at it.

Well, no matter who is right – I still like my vision better. I like the people and I like the air, the fresh water (
enough for all human beings), the animals and of course the mountain tops.

Maybe we could all stop arguing long enough to see what we’re missing.

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