Creativity = Love

This year has been all about love for me. Those of you that follow me may be sick of hearing about that, but I wanted to dig a bit deeper this morning, because when I speak of love, I’m not just speaking about the frivolity and excitement of love – I am speaking about the power and the essence of love, how it relates to creativity and how it can strengthen the very fabric of your life and spread through your sphere of influence.

Creativity and love come from the same source. This was never more apparent to me than this past January when my creative spark was fanned back into a flame and my life took a dramatically different direction.

As I began to work on my project for the year (which by the way is done!!) – I could slowly feel that passion returning, that joie de vivre, that reason to take a big deep breath and celebrate. The most important discovery for me was that it was JUST LIKE FALLING IN LOVE.

The interesting thing about this is that when I put aside my creative life, it was like a heart wrenching break up.

Sometimes relationships break up because there is no room for growth; sometimes they break up for reasons we do not fully understand. What I discovered this week is that had I stayed on the path I was on roughly 10 years ago – I may have continued to be successful for a while, but today, I would be scrambling to figure out how to survive in this 21st century music scene, which is not so much about making a living through your art as it is about the art itself.

So I broke up with my creative side and now I’m back in love. The universe sent me on a journey to become stronger as a person and as a world citizen and has now granted me a creative life again.

As some of you know from earlier posts, there have been some twists and turns this year in my life that required a cool head, lots of love, compassion and strength. I found that because I had this fortified creative existence, I could handle anything life tossed my way, with confidence. That’s a pretty awesome discovery to arrive at. Creativity has shone a bright light on my challenges this year and has impacted the outcome of each in such a positive way. The love this creativity has delivered into my life is beyond description.

Everyone is an artist; everyone has a creative spark of some kind that is just waiting to be fanned. I encourage you to explore your own creativity and fall in love all over again. I’d love to hear your stories too.

Wishing you a creative and loving week!

Photo Credit ~ Sylvia Armstrong

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