Earth Pride - Excellence in Resource Management - Planet Earth 2011

Imagine just for a moment that Earth has been awarded the honour of hosting representatives of all life in the galaxy for a summit on natural resources. What would our message be? What would our coaching be? What have we learned?

I think the most alarming thing about this thought is we know that natural resources are finite, yet we have no plan whatsoever for when they are gone. If I had to write a presentation on how earth manages its natural resources, I would be embarrassed to only have the travesties to report and not how we overcame them, although we’re beginning to build the latter story.

I find the best way to learn something is to teach it. There are myriad scientists today trying to teach us the realities of what is happening on earth with her natural resources. Are we ready yet to be the students or are we more interested in being the lost civilization, destroyed by greed and ignorance, that someone, one day, will be teaching young students about – young students who will sit in utter disbelief that it was more important to us to have ‘things’ than to preserve the future of the planet?

It’s time for some success stories. Let’s be leaders, let’s show pride of ownership, and let’s create an example of principled, civilized, sustainable existence so that should we be invited to share our story, we can do so with pride.

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