Everyone has critics! Only you know your personal truth.

Everyone has critics, no matter how low key our life might be. There are people who don’t like how we dress or speak or look or drive or decorate, or live. If we were to pay attention to these critics, we would never make a decision for ourselves. We would never know our own truth.

And make no mistake about this – you have a personal truth, and only you know what it is.

I thought I had reached the pinnacle of my career in the 90s. I had a major label deal; I was living in LA, working with some top notch producers and talent. At that point, I had the embrace, the ‘endorsement’ of all of my friends and family, I was the apple in the eye girl, the one living my dreams. But you know what? I was in exactly the wrong place, at the wrong time – it was an illusion of success. It wasn’t real, it wasn’t my truth.

Today I am living my truth, and if you told me ten years ago what I’d have to go through to get here, I would have hid under the covers.

How did I get here? I lived my truth every moment and let it lead me. It led me to people who taught me tolerance, people who taught me hard work. I learned how to love, both myself and every single person on the planet. It led me to feel compassion for the hard working; I learned the generous spirit of giving and helping. I became integrated in society.

A very good friend told me that in her opinion the biggest mistake I made was to walk away from a scholarship to study classical music in Montreal in my early 20s. I tried the course, I really did, it didn’t feel right, and it wasn’t my truth. I knew that at 20, but my friend was probably just thinking had SHE had the opportunity, SHE wouldn’t have walked away from it.

So remember, people are going to give you advice, and most of it will be out of love, but all of it will be from an outsider’s perspective, only you know your own personal truth, only you know what is best for you.

How do you know what your truth is if you’ve never listened to it before?

What I do is I ask myself – on a scale of 1-10 how ‘right’ does this feel? How ‘happy’ am I in this situation? How ‘engaged’ do I feel here? If it scores an 8-10 – it’s a pretty good indication it’s what I’m supposed to be doing, where I should be. When I know I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing, I can give it my 100% loving and compassionate focus, and THAT is a great feeling of truth, one moment at a time.

I’m wishing you a week of truthful moments.

To your critics you can say, thank you – you flatter me with your preoccupation of my life!

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