Father of Time

I published this letter to my mailing list earlier this week to launch my new track Father of Time.
It generated some heated, some sympathetic but all intelligent and welcomed conversations in my inbox
so I've decided to publish it here today as I head up north to celebrate my Mom's birthday.

Wishing you a great, contemplative day and week.
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This has been a particularly nerve racking time for the entire world
as we watched and waited for the outcome of the United States debt crisis.
As a Canadian I cannot live without the influence of the USA. There are 34 Million Canadians compared to the USA, currently sitting at 311 Million strong. I pay more to be Canadian than I pay for all other living expenses combined. The more we make the more they take. The majority of my tax contributions have no positive impact on my life. I am in nearly 100% disagreement with our current government and a portion of my tax dollars goes towards initiatives I am adamantly opposed to. Fighter jets and dirty oil fields destroying lives and a pristine old growth forest are not something I care to pay for. But I don’t have a choice. None of us do really. We do it for the USA. They set the standard, and we have not had strong enough leadership that recognises we do not have to follow. Canadians probably wouldn’t tolerate it if Canada said we have to live within our means anyhow.

And that’s the problem.
We have a planet of people who now feel entitled to living beyond our means.
Everyone wants what the US has.

But really what does the US have? The US has a big problem.

Their leaders have been so busy being superstars they failed to take care of their people and the budget.
'We The People' became screw the people and trust no one.
The day the lights came on we began to move towards an imbalance to what we need naturally as human beings. The work day became gradually unending. As technology became available we were asked to work harder, pay more for the privilege of living where we were born and to pay more and more to our governments who made us believe it was all necessary. But we’ve constantly been tossed to the back of the line. We transitioned from seeking a purpose in life to the mighty fight for the dime. We’ve lived beyond our means and tried to fill this insatiable need. We weren’t born with this need, we created it.

We followed where we shouldn’t have. We let the dollar become the goal.
I believe the original Founding Fathers underestimated the influence the US would have on the entire world and the responsibility they had to lead in a principled way, to set a culture in place that was based on right from wrong and less on progress. Now we have an entire generation of people seeking nothing more than popularity and fame. They can’t see the illusion. Most of us can’t. If I could turn back the clock I’d want to go back to around the time the US constitution was being written and I’d want my role to be to ensure that the quest for money never became more of a priority than creating meaningful, wonderfully compassionate lives.

To my friends in the USA, you have a wonderful country based on a strong constitution.
Keep up the good fight and don’t let greed be what we’re remembered for.
Don’t let greed ruin the world.
It’s up to all of us, but the world plays follow the leader with the US
and leadership has never carried more responsibility.

Much Love xo


He that is of the opinion
money will do everything
may well be suspected
of doing everything for money.
Benjamin Franklin

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