Gratitude - My Thanksgiving message.

It is one of those beautiful fall days here, a day perfect for gratitude.

I am grateful for:

Nature and the endless wonder it provides.

Sunny days.

Rainy days.

The animal kingdom.


I am grateful for:
Friendship, the kind that you know in your heart is without judgement, full of grace.

I am grateful for opportunity.

I am grateful for my parents, and the love they shared. My parents never used shame or guilt to get me to spend time with them, and because of that I came home to them when they needed me, spent many, many hours lovingly at their side, and was able to help them through their last years with love. So many parents don’t seem to get this, and sadly sit alone wondering why their kids keep their distance. My heart is full of gratitude when I think of these people who brought me into the world and allowed me my life, my autonomy.

I am grateful for creativity, for inspiration and the world of art.

I am grateful for intellect, wisdom and quantum science.

I am grateful for books & spirituality.

I am grateful for good vibrations because I know they create good things.

I am grateful for good neighbours, grace.

I am grateful for honesty, courage and a helping hand.

I am grateful for humility and self reflection.

I am grateful for apples and I am grateful for peace.

And lastly, I am grateful for gratitude itself, because I believe it is the most powerful energy on earth.

Sending much love and gratitude your way.

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