Happy New Year ~ May the MAGIC of living on Planet Earth be centre stage.

It’s my birthday today. Having a birthday in the first week of January has always meant I kind of celebrate my birthday over the holidays. My actual birthdays have been for the most part quiet. What I appreciate about having the quiet birthday is it gives me a chance to kind of initialize myself for the year. It comes in good timing with the New Year when many of us like to consider what we may accomplish in the months ahead in this symbolic shift of the year.

There is sooooo much I want to accomplish this year I wish I had four hands like the Goddess Saraswati

I could use her knowledge and wisdom. But, we don’t get to choose how we become wise, life chooses that for us.

I continue to be challenged by life, in a way that makes me take notice on a daily basis. I am challenged by the interactions and loving of my fellow human beings in a time when we are all so restricted in expressing love. We live in fear of love, of leaving ourselves vulnerable. When you love with free abandon, love comes back to you tenfold. It is magical, yet sadly underutilized and feared.

I continue to be challenged around making the right decisions with and for my elderly parents, who like all human beings deserve to live in loving dignity right up until their last breath.

I continue to be challenged by my fear of living up to my full potential. I feel like I’ve taken flying lessons my whole life and am getting closer and closer to actually flying. It is exilerating.

But most of all, I am challenged by what is going on in today’s world – the greatness and horrificness of it combined. It is an amazing time of change, of power shifts and the uniting of citizens of Planet Earth through uncensored microblogging and connections being established around the world. These could not have been possible ten years ago without a great deal of organization and passion. Today it is delivered to us on a silver platter with a message saying – ‘The world is yours to discover you need only avail yourself of it’.

It is a time to be awake and alive – to breathe deep and ride the wave of life to its highest peaks and deepest valleys – because you need to know yourself in both in order to find balance in your life and because it is the greatest ride on earth - living.

I wish you a Happy New Year – May the magic of living on Planet Earth be centre stage.

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