Help! I'm living with a guitar player!

Being a musician is all about honing your craft. Guitar players know this well. Guitar players will almost always be found with guitar in hand or very nearby, especially when watching television. It is for this reason that I have chosen to never live with a guitar player. I’ve been on the road with numerous guitar players and actually I did live with a guitar player for a few months in my more tolerant days and I did survive the experience.

I tell you this because my life has suddenly changed this week. For nearly two years Village Works has spent every spare moment in the studio on my material. Being a piano/keyboard player that can’t really afford to bring in lots of musicians on my projects, my material is very light on guitar. I actually play most of the guitar parts on keyboard (I know, I know, the sacrilege). This has meant, aside from the odd very guitar driven project that Anton (my co-habiting producer) has taken on, it has been a fairly guitar light period for Village Works.

Anton is a bass player by trade. Bass players are completely different, bass players leave their bass in the case until the next gig for the most part unless they’re practicing and Anton has always practiced with headphones (See, I know how to choose them!)

But now, my projects are done! And that means that Anton now gets to use our discretionary time in the studio working on his material and as a measure to up the inspiration level he has BOUGHT A NEW GUITAR.

The Village Works couch right this second is graced by a brand new Canadian made Godin. It apparently lives there now.

Anton has spent the majority of the past week sitting on the couch watching television playing his new guitar. So I find I am embarking upon a new phase of co-habiting with a guitar player/producer guy.

He has tolerated my learning the penny whistle (barely tolerating and barely learning), the concertina (barely tolerating and barely learning) and also teaching my dogs to sing. I think I can extend him this grace of enjoying his new guitar. If I get bored I can always try to learn the bagpipes :o)

To all of my very talented guitar player friends, thank you for doing what you do to master the greatness of the guitar and for doing it where you do it! LOL, in all honesty - I do love you, from a distance.


Wishing you a tremendously pleasant and inspired week with whatever you’ve got simmering.

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