It’s in the adoration of each other, that we will find peace.

I took a ride down to the lake last night. Like much of Canada and the USA we’ve been under heat alerts and advisories all week with temperatures feeling well into the 40 Celsius range. The lake provides a refuge from the heat for people from all over the world. Jazz, reggae and traditional Indian music infused the air with a kind of cohesiveness within itself, like an intended intricate world music symphony.

As I sat on a bench pondering the complexities of life I could hear the ring of Jamaican Patois (Patwa), Hindi and Urdu among many others I couldn’t quite identify. When I was able to listen without trying to reconcile the language difference, it was the sound of stories, the whirl of sharing and recollecting, the support of loved ones, the sound of life and love.

As this world mosaic swirled around me I found myself in one of those moments where time seems to stand still and the mundane matters little. I felt grateful for Canada for allowing people to come here and live in harmony, safety and comfort. I felt grateful for the struggles we’ve had; because it’s the struggles that bring us closer together, the challenges and the support we receive and give when it’s needed.

The world becomes smaller every day. Our hearts become bigger, our voices louder. We’ve come to a time where we can feel the woes of the world on our very doorstep and we can reach out and make a difference in someone’s life on the other side of the planet the moment we choose to. We can extend the graces we live with to those who live without, and we can sit in the centre of life on earth and feel its loving in every precious moment.

Precious moments they are.

My thoughts go out to the people of Norway who have experienced a loss of innocence this week. When our children become targets of the ill willed among us, we must catapult ourselves towards tolerance.

Like an intended world music symphony, together we can achieve masterful ways to accept and respect each other with a common goal for every living thing on earth to have their stories told and cherished.

It’s in the adoration of each other, that we will find peace.


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