Passion - whether born of love or war - is still passion

Human beings have an incredible capacity for passion. All you need to collect evidence of this is to observe a sports tournament, or a session in congress, or a pro-life protest, or a young couple newly in love, among myriad of instances of passion on our planet every moment.

The definition of Passion – powerful feeling, love, sexual desire-lust, great enthusiasm, anger-rage

I find it quite interesting that we describe anger and rage as passionate right alongside great enthusiasm and love. We do this because in effect, it is the same thing, born of our capacity to feel passion.

I remember a day when I was a very little girl and this stray puppy happened upon our yard in a flurry of activity and joy. As it ran crazily around our backyard, I was not concerned for its safety, or thinking about its owners and how worried they must be – I was caught up in the passion of my love for animals and the joy of this puppy. I remember saying out loud that it was the happiest moment of my life. I felt alive, I felt passionate.

As a young aspiring musician I became passionate about music and had the opportunity at a young age to play with a band of gospel musicians. I was 14, had no prior exposure to religion and this was my first gigging band. At first, I kept myself apart from the religious aspects, preferring to attend practices and shows, but not getting involved in the religion. Then we started to play during services, then I began tithing what I earned, then I was lost in a sea of passion towards God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Pentecostal church. I was in effect, swept away by the passion of the group.

When I look back at what was happening at that time here is what I see.
· An impressionable young girl who had not been exposed to religion at all
· a budding musician with a gig that was taking her places
· a country girl bored silly with country life suddenly embraced by a community that had activities and fun stuff planned 3-4 days a week
· A welcoming into a community of people high on passion

I won’t go too much into my experiences with the church, other than to say, eventually I discovered that passion doesn’t have to be so restrictive or divisive – passion just is. It is very easy to decide what we’re going to be passionate about, from there – all you need is to abandon yourself to the idea/group/movement.

That is a very dangerous concept to consider. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ABANDON YOURSELF TO THE IDEA – nowhere does that say the idea is right, that the idea is making a constructive contribution to the planet, that the idea is not harmful to you and to your fellow human beings on Planet Earth.

Love is born of passion – War is born of passion. People need passion in their lives to feel alive. No matter what, we need to convert the anger and rage to love.

Wishing you a passionate week.

Photo Credit - Sylvia Armstrong

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  • dankitti


    I'm passionate about blipping your songs on and I am playing The Spirit Of The Times as I type this. :love::love::love:

    I'm passionate about blipping your songs on and I am playing The Spirit Of The Times as I type this.


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