The setting:
A beautiful, hospitable planet, rich with renewable resources, allowing participants complete freedom to explore and grow.

The Experiment
Project X is best suited for anyone wishing to develop their ability to trust love, extend compassion and learn how to accomplish great things as part of a team. Participants will learn how to map out an entire life, from start to finish, reaching various levels of enlightenment through real life experiences. Develop personally through progressive enlightenment brought on by successfully passing a series of challenges that all participants must cope with, without warning, along their life path.

Once incarnated the learning journey begins and can involve a number of sharp turns, temptations and obstacles with random levels of difficulty. Participants won’t know what is going to happen next, or what is real or illusion but must continue to navigate through experiences from intense beauty and euphoria to challenges involving great pain of the temple and spirit.

Skill Level: Difficult – many twists and turns

Rewards: Indescribable


“Fasten your seatbelts!”

“There were many times I thought, ‘That’s it – I can’t take it any more’ but there was always just enough mystery and hope. Those elements of magic - periods when you ‘d like time to stop forever in that moment; were plentiful and intoxicating enough, especially when I learned to see the ones hidden from plain view – in nature, in moments of honesty and reprieve, in love. These strengthened my ability for manoeuvring through the challenges successfully.”

“I’d do it again!”

“I learned so much, I just can’t say enough about it. Just go! Do it!”

“Remember that even when things seem really, really challenging, that it is all part of the master plan and all you need to do is excel through the challenge and trust that good too will come.”

“I miss it already, can’t wait to come back!”

“Everyone is ultimately on their own path, accountable for every step of their existence, but there are so many things there to help you when you’re ready to see them. I highly recommend it!”


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