Responding to Nature

A week ago a micro burst landed in my yard and ripped up a few trees changing the landscape drastically. The sad part was the loss of trees. I never like to see trees come down, but at least this was nature’s doing.
After the storm:

I am not a big fan of yard work. In fact, I’ve been paying a neighbor’s son to do my yard work this summer so I could concentrate on writing and recording. You would not believe the amount of work this storm left. It was laughable really. The yard was 6 feet deep in places with twisted foliage and lumber.

It took a few days for Kevin the tree guy to get everything down safely and when the last load was hauled away there was quite a bit of lumber left behind. I made a central feeding area for the birds by piling up logs and branches to create a protected area for them. I have a hawk that frequents my yard that likes to eat little birds so this made me feel like something was going to benefit from the added protection my fallen trees provide.
A human solution:

There’s still a lot of work to do but things are somewhat back to normal in my newly sunny backyard. The birds have returned and Pippin and Poppy have their favorite places back. The view from my office window is completely different. My tree house office is now wide open to the world, not unlike what the launch of ‘it’s up to us…’ has represented for me.

If we remove barriers, even sometimes ones we like – we can see things completely differently. What I see today is, even with an adjustment of my landscape leaving me wide open to the world my life is somehow better because it’s made me look at things differently.

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