The Art of Reacting

One of my favorite expressions is:
What we think, we become.

Let’s think about that for a moment.

So many of us are caught up in what is ‘being done’ to us, or what ‘conditions we work and live in’ or what ‘happened’ to us – but here’s an idea:

We colour every single experience in our lives simply by how we react to them.

Whether or not we are open, confident, loving and able to take that 30,000-foot view of our world is key to taking responsibility for our personal actions, our thoughts, and our intentions.

In order to explore this idea, you need to consider it, be cognizant of it, as you move through your day. Take note of how each interaction in your life leaves a subtle residue. Notice how a negative or unproductive interaction impacts your next one and perhaps even your dreams. We often try to resolve negative interactions through our dreams yet I can’t recall ever trying to reconcile a good interaction. A good interaction makes us stronger and more capable of dealing with the next one.

We create our interactions. OK, you may say ‘but he yelled at me!!’ – and I may say – ‘But how did you react?’

If you are sitting in a position of blame, no matter what the situation, take a step back and focus only on your part. Don’t think about whether the situation is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – only think about how you move through it as if you are studying a character in a play.

How do you react? What do you allow to happen? Is there another way you COULD behave or think about it that would result in another outcome? Try to think about this without negativity and blame, without saying ‘ya but’…

It’s not easy to have this kind of perspective about ourselves, but I think identifying how we personally weave our very existence is a very good starting point to achieving happiness in life.

Spread love through your sphere of influence, seek to understand – not judge. Take responsibility for how you move about the world. Remove blame.

We can only really control how we react to the world. No matter what the situation is, there is a good, productive reaction and there is a damaging one. You get to choose, each and every time!

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  • soulsprite


    Great post! I'm studying a spiritual path that speaks to this exactly. Thanks for more insights.

    Great post! I'm studying a spiritual path that speaks to this exactly. Thanks for more insights.

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