The Business of Green

When I woke up this morning it was freezing in the house. The house was built in the early 20th century and it’s always cold. I have a big supply of sweaters I avail myself of. There is a beautiful breeze that blows up the creek valley behind me. When I’m cognizant of it, I’m reminded that people and even the creatures before the people, have likely enjoyed that breeze for millennia. Fabulous Planet Earth, I am forever camping upon you. I picked a good site this time. Thank you for the free air conditioning over the past few years.

Today I attended The Green Living Show. I had intended on riding to the train station but I was late, so I drove my car. Not very eco friendly, but at least I wasn’t driving the entire way into the downtown core alone in my car.

The show was packed, as was the parking lot. It was comprised of vendors who had something there to sell. Really what I saw was an industry that is saying ‘have all of the same stuff, the same comforts, maintain the same consumption, but use our products and be green’.

There were hundreds of options to purchase eco friendly wares. The slow food market - if I were vegan I would have been glad to have snacks in my backpack but there were some half decent vegetarian options. You could also talk to people who could take you to a green lifestyle right down to the house you live in.

That is exactly why I wanted to attend the show, to learn a bit more about straw bale houses. We will move the studio in the next few years and I’m doing the research now on how to make our new location as eco conscious as possible. It will take a lot of study and planning. I was happy to see many eco architects and builders at the show. I learned a lot! I have a lot to learn.

I got to chat with some of the organizations I support and learn about some of the great things they’re doing to protect habitat, nature, water, the air. I lingered longer at those kiosks. I wasn’t at the show as a consumer as much as a student.

I'm a vegetarian. I boil cloves on my stove for air freshener. I wear an extra sweater when I’m cold and skip most of the products we’ve been told we need, including the drugs. When I buy something, I buy it for life. I don’t do disposable. These choices feel greener to me than simply switching to green products, but switching to green products is a start, for sure.

So I guess I could say I was feeling a bit too green myself for The Green Living Show, but I was happy to see so many people at the show, even if they did drive their cars there, even though the train stops right there, and you can park for free anywhere along the train route.

We have a long way to go before we can call ourselves green. Be careful of how you view the business of green. We should all stop and learn.


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