The cause and effect of the beauty of winter.

Every year at this time my yard is graced by the beauty of dozens of Northern Cardinals. For those of you not from my neck of the woods, the Cardinal is one of the most beautiful birds we have in Canada. The male is bright red and the female is a subtle olive green colour. They travel in pairs for the most part and when they dine the pair takes turns watching the other one’s back, to make sure they are safe.

I love the Northern Cardinals and I wait for them each year. But this year I started to wonder why I only see these birds in the near spring, when I know they’re here all year. It didn’t take me long to figure it out.

At this time of year, it warms up enough for my dogs to want to be outside in the yard for longer stretches. With my dogs in the yard, the squirrels go away. The Cardinals don’t like the aggressive squirrel; they are much more civilized and enjoy the yard when it’s quiet - a quiet my dogs provide.

And such is the balance in life, the cause and effect of it. With every action is a reaction, every thought – a physical response.

I sit in silence enjoying the beauty of the moment.

May your week be filled with the graces of Mother Earth and the magic of the universe and may you gently project the most loving of vibes as they ripple out from you creating reciprocal sensations through your sphere of influence.

Much Love


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