The Collective Conscious ~ a new evolutionary by-product of our species

Carol Jung wrote about the Collective Unconscious, interconnectedness amongst all living things, a shared instinct that predates the individual. The philosophy is centered on there being archetypes, universal psychic structures or symbols which underlie all human experience and behavior. His ideas were not unique. Plato's ideas around the same concept were that pure mental forms are imprinted in the soul before it was born into the world.

According to Jung, self-realization can be divided into two distinct tiers:

Separating from humanity – a time of ‘I’ could explain the destructive behavior of young men or the rebelliousness of teenagers in general – during this time in life, a connection to the Collective Unconscious could be blurred as our individual egos busy up to ‘get a life’ – we make our mark and have our children and think about ‘our place in the world’ – in more troubled nations we may join Al Qaeda, and that may seem like the right idea until we reach a second phase in life, a second awakening.

Reuniting with humanity - Jung believed a second puberty occurs around mid life (35-40) bringing us back into an awareness of community and spirituality

The basic premise:
In the second half of our lives, humans reunite with the human race.

Perhaps there is a paradigm shift happening at a greater level right now amongst humanity – a interconnectedness, a mutual accountability. Perhaps we’ve reached that second puberty where our neighbors matter more to us, where we look at suffering and can’t bare to let it continue, where we look at the atrocities of some world leaders and the repression of their populations and we stand up, demanding better from them. A time where we look at the raping of our planet and the accelerated extinctions of species that can never be recovered, and we demand better, for the future of the planet, for the future of civilization and for our shared psyche.

A lot of people refer to these times as The End Times, likening it to Armageddon and quoting Mayan prophecy which ends life as we know it in and around 2012. They say ‘Here we are, they were right, they predicted correctly.’

I prefer to think of what is going on in the world today as a ripening of knowledge, of the collective unconscious coming closer the surface where we can no longer see value in repeating the same mistakes, no value in greed and no value in dictatorships.

It is a time of international accountability, a time for demanding fair and equitable treatment of all living things. It is a time of waking up and making true the world of possibilities for greatness on this planet.

A Collective Conscious is being born. We all play a significant role in creating the future of Planet Earth.

Let's take care of each other
Let's take care of Planet Earth

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