The journey continues......

I find with a wider scope of experiences under my belt my music creation process becomes entangled with my desire to contribute to our world in any way I am able to. I have reacquainted myself with Canada's film composers and am delighted to discover an opportunity to introduce music and structure to underprivileged kids around the world through the World Youth Music Organization, being founded out of Vancouver this year. More on this later.

A few years ago, I started to sponsor a little girl in Paraguay via the Christian Children's Fund. Her name is Luz Martinez, and she was just a baby. Luz and her family lived in a one room mud structure without electricity or running water. Her mother Amalia and I began exchanging letters through CCF. At that time I was donating to several different charities, a bit here, a bit there....

Getting to know the Martinez family made me realize that I was in a position to help them in an extraordinary way. I made a decision to start supporting the family on a regular basis - $100/month directly to the family over and above the base sponsorship that ensured Luz was healthy and had access to an education. CCF agreed to manage this for us.

Luz is now 8 years old. She lives in a 2 room brick house with lights, refrigeration and a latrine. She wants to make a difference in this world too.

I can't tell you what this experience has meant to me. It impacts what I write about today, and also what I want to do with my music moving forward.

There is a resurgence happening amongst independent artists. It's not about ego or the music business per se - it's about the art itself. And art is a perfect place to start if you're trying to spread some love & compassion around.

I'm enchanted by the possibilities.

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