Visits from the other side.

It’s Halloween in North America and in honour of the event I’ll share with you a personal ghost story.

My sister Laurie was a mentor and friend five years my senior and many lifetimes wiser than I. She had a short time on earth, only living until she was 23. In those 23 years she had excelled at everything she touched, built up a full roster of music students that loved her and married the man of her dreams. Not very many 23 year olds can claim such success. She passed away one night suddenly and although we didn’t get to say goodbye to her officially, the last thing she did was hold a party and in attendance was everyone she knew and cared about.

Laurie was the person I went to when I needed coaching, support, and a friend to listen. When she died, I had no one to fill that gap. Her husband and I became close friends and even moved in to the same house for a while as we were coping with the loss of someone truly significant in our lives.

It was within the first 6 months after her death, I was just returning from a road trip and was sleeping in my bed for the first time in several weeks, luggage spilled on the floor waiting to be dealt with after I got some much needed sleep. I found myself in this lucid dream sitting at a little bistro table outside the house. My sister Laurie suddenly appeared before me in the realest sense and what commenced I will never forget.

She had come to share with me what she was experiencing, much in the same way she would have in real life. She described our life here on earth as being similar to a play, carefully planned out, characters chosen for a variety of reasons, even the bit parts. She told me she was fine, not ‘dead’ just different and that there was still lots of work for me here. She also thanked me for being a friend to her husband, and told me she’d been trying to make contact but could not.

I knew this was my sister. I knew I had sat and chatted with my sister and I knew why she came to me in the way she did. She always shared her wisdom with me so I could benefit from her experience.

Many years passed and one day I was working around the house doing some gardening and enjoying a quite Sunday afternoon. I came into the house briefly and ducked into the bathroom to wash my hands. As I looked up into the mirror I was stunned to see my sister Laurie’s face superimposed on my face, smiling back at me. It lasted long enough for me to really take note that it was indeed her and then she slowly just faded away and it was my face again.

Both of these instances caught me completely off guard and both instances had a magic about them I can’t conjure up as much as I’d like to. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be visited by my sister again, but I am sure these were visits from her from the other side.

As we go about our lives here on earth it’s easy to get caught up in the daily complexities and responsibility of life, but because of my sister’s coaching and sharing of wisdom, I know everything has a purpose, every interaction has meaning and every moment of every day is truly magical.

I wish you a happy Halloween, may your spirit soar to great heights and may your thoughts be otherworldly.


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