We are how we love, not who we love or what we love.

We are sought after as customers more than we’ll ever be for who we are. This world is all about demographics. Where do you fit in? We may feel voiceless in the situation, like it has all gotten out of control, but we are in fact driving this place with every dollar we choose to spend.

Everyone seeks prosperity. The rich get richer. The rest of us are left feeling we’re missing something.

But at the same time, we see the rich killing themselves in their fancy abodes and hotel rooms. Or we see them behaving badly like they’re above the law, above us. We even see them end up in jail. We see them feeling more entitled, seemingly ‘out of touch’, but still, we think our lives would be so much better if we just had more.

You cannot buy a meaningful life on this planet, you can only live one. You are not what you own or what you manage to accomplish even, you are how you treat your partner, or the cashier at the grocery store, or the person who unknowingly wrongs you. You are the way you treat animals and how you respect Mother Earth.

We are how we love, not who we love or what we love.

As consumers we get to say ‘I agree with how you’re doing business’ and in fact we have, with every dollar we’ve spent to date. So how well do we know the people we’re supporting? I bet if we paid more attention we could change the world.



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