"I've recently been presented
with your wonderful album,
In Search of Simplicity,
by our program manager
and it has really
impressed me very, very much.
I've always paid a lot of my attention
to voices
sounding so particularly heavenly
and I'm extremely glad
to have discovered
another musical paradise
in your world of
vocal interpretations."

Letter from
Zdichu Zabierzewski @ RakRadio
Crakow, Poland

"Carrie Armitage is a Canadian singer-songwriter with a proclivity for
ecological-consciousness and peace activism.
Carrie’s recent release,
The Spirit of The Times,
is a fairly candid take on the global awareness
and preservation for the Earth’s vanishing resources.
Carrie’s awareness of Earth’s impending plight
is a musical message of electronica
with varying shades of jazz, trip-hop, house, and lounge.
The ambient beat of electronica and her vocals
carry the song’s highs and lows from the darkest depths of Earth’s inner core
through the vast darkness of
intergalactic space."

Review by Matthew Forss
Ariel Publicity

Armitage smoothly transverses musical genres, her work combines elements of ambient, progressive rock, jazz, classical and pop. She presents an intelligently written and creatively arranged collection of tunes in the singer songwriter genre while destroying any preconceived notions of what a singer songwriter should be. Her use of ambient beats, a la This Mortal Coil, combined with extended vocal techniques and spoken word help lift her work above the fold and place it into a category all its own.

" ...a stylistically consistent vision, a pop grandeur that veers into theatrical territory."
Music Connection Magazine
Los Angeles

About Carrie Armitage

Born to musical parents, her father a jazz pianist, her mother a singer/dancer,
Armitage was immersed in both the business and the creative side of the arts from a young age. 

She has worked across genres - as a pianist, keyboardist, vocalist and producer, with multiple acts both on tour and in studio.

Her original works can be heard on most international streaming platforms.

CDs, full streaming and downloads are available through bandcamp.

The Singularity Point
The Legend of The Free
Mind Trips
The Spirit of The Times
Village Works Illusions
In Search of Simplicity

Member of: 
The Screen Composers Guild of Canada
Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
American Federation of Musicians
Creative Commons
Canadian Independent Recording Artists Association
The David Suzuki Foundation
Songwriters Association of Canada


Village Works Canada

Carrie Armitage is also partner in Village Works Canada an independent label & studio.