A Life Lived Well

Someone said to me recently on their death bed that if they could live their life over again they would. I didn’t know the person well, they were in the last stages of cancer in the hospital and they passed the day after I spoke with them.

I thought for a while what that might feel like and I wondered what that person’s life was like. I know for sure I would not want to live my life over again. I don’t even like going back to the store when I’ve forgotten something, even if I haven’t left the parking lot. Treading backwards or repeating a task is not something I enjoy.

Perhaps they meant they’d like to live another life, or perhaps they had regrets. My Dad often talked about regrets, but to me, it seemed part of his mental illness because he had much to be proud of.

Like any flight attendant will tell you, don your own oxygen mask first before you try to help someone else. Many of us reach out to help before we’re on stable footing ourselves. It feels like we all need to find some stable footing within, and then proceed.

Many of us on earth today seem unsettled, divorces are at an all time high and marriages at an all time low. We find it hard to find happiness or to feel accomplished enough. But what is that? Who sets the bar?

We do.

Our interpretation of our life is such that we can decide to make a fresh start any time we want, to live LIKE we’re living our life over again. We are in the driver’s seat. So from this moment forward, if you were to start living the life you want, and being the person you want to be, what would be different about your day? What would be different about your interactions? What will result in zero regrets on your death bed?

I am wishing my American friends a fabulous 4th of July tomorrow. The great USA, the power and war machine of the world has had a defining decade of costly defeat. Perhaps as a nation a fresh start is exactly where Obama is trying to take them, a place where they put their energy towards family and community and building up internal pride before they take their strong arm out into the world. Perhaps, it’s the first real step towards internal healing and world peace we’ve seen in a long time.

Much love my friends. xo


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