A year of courage, insights and harmony.

I’m not big on resolutions, because these are usually deals we make with ourselves to break out of habits long ago formed, and that kind of change takes more than a whim of a decision around New Years to truly evolve out of.

I do find myself reflecting at this time of year on where to focus my energy in the coming year.

This year my list remains the same:

1) Family - My parents will require more and more attention in a world so imperfectly structured for the elderly.

2) Work – I will keep the balls in the air, somehow synchronised in some kind of productive boat moving forward fashion. I will take on less volunteer work this year, choosing to focus on two key groups – The World Youth Music Organisation and A Songwriters Music Festival - the latter being an annual event that will grow into a touring showcase of Canadian singer-songwriter talent.

3) Fitness - I will need to be fit in order to cope with the daily demands of work, running a business, being an active volunteer and a responsible daughter.

4) Time for creativity. This year’s focus will be on my live show as I begin to take on acoustic dates, mostly in support of causes I work for and believe in. I am also starting to write again, having taken the past few months away from that creative flow. I will also be taking on a regional songwriters group which will help me in my quest to become a better singer songwriter.

5) Time for friends – I am so lucky to adore the majority of people that I get to work with every day. Even though we’re all busy, we will take time to know each other’s stories and to revel in life as it continues to weave its way through our day to day. I will take time for those most important to me.

May none of these fall through the cracks this year – I put my best intentions into them today.

I encourage you to create your own list if you don’t already have one.
What this list has done for me, for a few years now, is this:
  • It has ensured that I did the right things at the right times.
  • It has ensured at the end of the day I’ve done something for me.
  • It has ensured that I remain balanced, compassionate and productive in all I do.
  • It has enabled me to give what I need to give, without giving away myself.
Happy New Year - Wishing you a year of courage, insights and harmony within your sphere of influence.

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