An Authentic Life

I have always had a dog. As a child, I helped raise baby raccoons, skunks and squirrels that had been orphaned from hunting or road carelessness. I don’t think I would want to live without animals in my life. They remind me that there are species out there doing just fine without government and without war. They’d be doing a whole lot better without us too. There is a natural order to things and contentment amongst nature. Is it easy? No. But I would argue that with all of our advances as human beings, life really has not become much easier, our struggles have only shifted to lack of fulfillment, to greed.

How is it human beings got so far away from knowing our own instinct? My instinct tells me that living an unnatural life is bad for your health and bad for your soul. Look at how miraculous life is. Look at how miraculous the planet is – all we need do is explore the magic already given to have everything we could ever need in this life, but we lust for more. More plastic, more chemicals, more money, more drugs to keep us sane.

Why this? Why have human beings traveled so far away from what is natural?

I have some ideas. Primarily, I think the single most important reason is that we created organized society. In society we have people we can go to, to purchase the things we don’t feel like doing or making. When you purchase something vs. making it yourself, although you may really, really like what you purchased, you did not experience a creative surge to bring it into your life.

Creativity = Love

Without creativity, we are just shells that can never be filled up. Think about the constant need to own more, have more, and achieve more. Imagine the difference between people who built their own houses and lives from scratch and the pride they felt vs. having a mortgage you can never hope to pay off just to live near a building you don’t even feel like going to every day. It’s unnatural.

How do we get a sense of natural back into our lives? I can tell you what I do.
  • I make sure I keep the creative spark alive.
  • I make sure my connections with people are open and honest.
  • I keep my consumption and my need to acquire things to a minimum. I prefer to take in great art and ideas.
  • I work from home and when people work with me they work in parks and on trails and at home where they are most comfortable too.
  • I do my best to stay away from pharmaceuticals, preferring to seek help when needed from nature. I trust my body to heal itself for the most part. I also trust that what happens to my body likely holds a message and until I figure out what that is I’m hesitant to mask it with a drug.
  • I spend time with my dogs – who always remind me of the simplicity of life.
  • I spend time with nature and marvel at the complexity and sheer magic of the fact that as human beings we are the only ones that can’t survive out there in the world without chemists and manufacturers and get rich quick schemes.
  • I remember that as a spiritual being, I need nothing and with that thought I fill to the brim with love.

We have traveled so far away from being self sufficient that we live in fear of losing our resources. We go to war over it.

I have worked hard to create a life where I get to get up and be myself all day. More and more I’m finding I have arrived at that life and I’m tremendously grateful for it.

What can you do to make your life more natural?
What can you do to become your most authentic self and live an authentic, natural life?

Photo Credit ~ Sylvia Armstrong

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