An Eye To The Sky

Here I am sitting at the half way point of the recording of my new CD. I didn’t expect to be here so fast, but then again inspiration doesn’t wait, at least not for me.

Inspiration is my constant companion. Having the ability to harness it, I’m grateful for.

The #7 track – An Eye To The Sky, was just completed yesterday. It was inspired one day by a trip to the lake where I found the lake and sky in such perfect harmony I was transfixed, bewitched. The marriage of the Sun and Planet Earth seems inexplicably profound to me. How sweet it is.

So I found myself at my favorite haunt, an area on Lake Ontario where I can watch the coming and going of Canadian Geese and a variety of other shore birds, depending on the season. You’ll hear my rendition of the geese in the back up vocal parts of this new piece. Much like The Group of Seven who captured Canada stunningly, I found myself in a position of honor, trying to capture the scene musically, trying to do it justice.

So I give you, track #7 – An Eye To The Sky. An ambient mid way point to the project of my year. May the inspiration live on as life begins to burst from the ground in my neck of the woods.

Wishing you a fabulous week.

You can preview An Eye To The Sky on my site wide player, bottom left of your screen.
You can also pick up a free download of my 2010 Recording In Progress sampler

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