I am artist, hear me roar!

Recently I found myself, I don’t want to say offended, but somewhat bugged, by a comment someone made to me. It intimated that the reason I was using social networks was to build a bigger audience for myself, as if my motive for being on line was to ‘make it’ as an artist.  I had to think about that. I knew it bugged me, but I wasn’t sure why.

These are the thoughts I’ve had about it over the last couple of weeks:

1) Yes, when I saw the value and ease of international distribution being born on the internet, I was inspired to become a more active artist. My first solo CD was released in 1996, I came online as an artist in 2009.

2) I think inherently, artists need an audience. Up until recently, there were numerous barriers between artists and audiences that the internet has eliminated.

3) Yes, I share my art on social networks, I’m inclined to.

4) Yes, it’s nice when someone new discovers my work online.

5) I love discovering other artist’s work on social networks too. It’s an amazing way to discover the world, to be inspired & challenged. It is a great time for the creation of music, a level playing field. An open gallery.

6) No, I’m not on social networks to expand my profile, but there is an organic expansion as people become interested in my work, which is kind of cool, there’s no doubt, just as I continue to expand my visibility to artists internationally.

7) I do not need to ‘make it as an artist’. I am an artist. I have been an artist since the days my parents used to scold my four year old self for deviating from my lessons. I was writing as soon as I could pound the keys.

8) Just because I’m sharing my work online, that doesn’t mean my intent is to build an audience or lust after more followers or sales, it just means I’m behaving like an artist. Artists share their work. The internet provides a borderless medium to do so.

9) My biggest motivation for being online, if I dig deep, is to connect with people who make my life more meaningful, it widens not only my sphere of influence but also my knowledge of this magical place. It is exciting! I’m here for the party.

10) I think it’s time we stopped thinking of artists as trying to ‘make it’ and understand that all artists are exactly that, artists. We’re all at varying levels of expertise and experience, but we’re artists none the less. Those with the most sincere intent are really only busy enjoying the journey and being the person they are.

I'm wishing you a magically creative week.



  • dankitti


    I think a lot of us got that right away! Or me anyway.

    I think a lot of us got that right away! Or me anyway.

  • Village


    Aww, thanks. It's good to not be completely misunderstood! :o)

    Aww, thanks. It's good to not be completely misunderstood! :o)

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