In balance, we breathe.

There was a time in my life where I felt like I was losing hope. It wasn’t so much hope that I was losing, when I look at it in retrospect, it was the loss of a dream of the life, that I thought I wanted to live, that I was adjusting to.

There is always hope, if we’re willing to go where life takes us rather than try to push it in a direction that may even harm us in the long run. I trust that I will be pointed in directions that are safe and that will teach me lessons and show me the mysteries of life. I also trust that I will not always get my way.

At any given time there is good and bad. I used to torture myself thinking only of the bad. As the years pass and my wisdom and tolerance grows, I know how to productively contribute and participate in causes without living them. I know to focus on the present good because it keeps me strong, and I know when it’s ok to just be.

In balance, I breathe.

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, and today I am feeling grateful for a number of things:

  • I’m grateful to live in Canada, a country that I’m always happy to return to, a country where I feel safe.
  • I’m grateful for my mindset - allowing me to forge forward, making sense of the world.
  • I’m grateful for my friendships, which show me the best and worst of me, making me a better person.
  • I’m grateful for the beauty of Mother Nature, which wakes me up and sustains me through life’s more difficult moments.
  • And I’m grateful for my NEW CD being launched today –  in the mysteries and magic of music I find peace.

These are exciting and life changing times my friends, through the goodness of humanity we will prevail and we will be remembered as the people that stood up for change, equality, fairness and an end to greed. Imagine the possibilities...

In balance, we breathe.

You can hear the full stream of my new CD, The Singularity Point, HERE


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  • dankitti


    Good Sunday Blog as always! Listening to your new CD now. awesomeness.

    Good Sunday Blog as always! Listening to your new CD now. awesomeness.

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