Level the Playing Field

Nothing levels the playing field like a complete black out. I remember when this happened to the entire eastern seaboard of North America a few years ago – how quickly community developed. Most people I know had a magical time through that period of darkness and reflection. Community thrives on a mutual need, yet we’ve come so far from needing each other we’ve become isolated and disconnected from how our lives impact those lives around us.  We all need peace; this is a true mutual need.

When I talk of leveling the playing field, I’m talking mostly in a spiritual sense. I feel I have reached a time in my life where I have found spiritual freedom. I realize the affects of my actions, my thoughts and my movements about the earth. I understand that my thoughts become me. I have chosen to create a productive existence and to leave this world a better place than it was when I became part of it, for however fleeting a moment.

So, how do we level the playing the field?

Imagine everyone had a sudden epiphany, arriving at these same conclusions. A complete paradigm shift could occur. Accountability at all levels.

The power of our thought is stronger than protest, stronger than going to war, and stronger than you and me. We are creating our reality. We have the power to create a peaceful planet where all living things live with respect and dignity with their defined place in the world, habitats & environments protected for generations to come. Is all we need to create peace - to think it, with the best intentions, all at once?

Now that is not to say that there are not countless inequities in our world today, that far surpass what most would even imagine. I am not suggesting that these do not exist in reality, I only suggest that maybe the first step toward obliterating them is as simple and complex as a thought, or several billion. And I ask you to think about it.

The playing field, in reality, is already level. It’s only that we don’t think it is – and that is the biggest barrier to moving forward in a big positive way, in my opinion.

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