Serenity and Balance ~ Naturally Spectacular

I’ve been sitting here quietly sipping tea since before dawn, marvelling at the serenity of the morning, the balance of life when we choose it.

Yesterday as I made my way up the valley I saw my local family of deer. I had not seen them since before the summer. When the greenery fills in, it’s nearly impossible to spot them. I knew they had a baby last spring but I’ve also heard the haunting calls of coyotes every night – a pack that sounds as if it’s become quite large. So I did indeed worry about this family of deer, and how they might protect themselves against the growing pack.

But somehow they have, because in nature there is balance. In nature creatures don’t kill each other over silly misunderstandings or fundamental man made belief systems. They don’t kill each other for greed; they only take what they need.

At one point, as human beings that spawned from nature, we must have behaved this way as well. We must have lived in balance with nature and had nature accept us as one of her own.

But today it appears as if nature has had enough of us. Had enough of our greed and our wars and our insatiable need to change and corrupt what she has provided. How dare we think we know more and can do better than her?

I take comfort in the idea that all of this is greater than us and that what we’re experiencing right now is like the quick snap of the mother dog, teaching her pups how to behave, cause and effect, karma, call it what you will – what goes around, comes around.

It’s up to us to change the world. It’s up to us to reconvene with nature and take our rightful place and nothing more.

As David Suzuki says in this recent article about balance:

“We seem to have forgotten the real things that matter and must establish the real bottom line of non-negotiable needs in order to regain a balance with our surroundings.”

I am wishing you a day of serenity and balance, should you choose it.

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