Team Humanity - THE team to be on.

I’m not a big fan of puzzles; in fact I can’t rest until they are put back together again. It stresses me to have them broken apart.

This week I was faced with a few different puzzles where no matter what I did, people were sinking, and fast. I couldn’t affect the situations in a positive way. I couldn’t help. The more I tried to help, the worse the situations became.

Then I realized something.

You wouldn’t go to a forth grade math student and pull them out and say, come on, I’m going to teach you grade 12 math, skip all this stuff!! Well, of course, that student wouldn’t stand a chance of understanding grade 12 math without doing grades 4-11 first.

We are all on our own unique path. We are all students.

Our world is breaking apart. It is war torn and ravaged, it is being raped of its resources, and it is drying up. For me, this represents the biggest puzzle facing humanity right now. We need to work as a team to solve the puzzle, but dividing lines prevent us from doing that.

To be accepted by far too many people you MUST:
  • Be of the same colour/race
  • speak the same language
  • worship the same god
  • eat the same food
  • vote for the same party
  • love the opposite sex, etc.
The list is endless and lacking any kind of productivity in terms of solving the puzzle. Feeling that we need to force our views and a belief system on people simply doesn’t work. In the history of mankind, there is not one single piece of evidence that this system of intolerance works.

As an artist I produce a message of peace, community and sustainability. I am both a teacher and a student. I can set an example and I am compelled to do so – but that is where it ends. The student must be willing to learn. The student must have a desire to solve the puzzle. The student must want to be on Team Humanity.

Consider the message and let your personal truth speak for itself. In my opinion, when you get things right you will be free of hate, free of judgment, free of guilt, free of fear, full of love and compassion and ready to be part of the team.

Until then, we are simply students. Keep your mind open to the lessons and perhaps we’ll all graduate one day. Maybe we’ll even get a gold medal.

Wishing you a week of extraordinary insight.

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  • Mark A Ekdom

    Mark A Ekdom Granby, Quebec, Canada

    I agree wholly with your thoughts... You are not alone...

    I agree wholly with your thoughts... You are not alone...

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