The difference between right from wrong - Transcendence

The leaves are starting to fill in around the studio making my office into a treehouse office for the summer. From my window I can see the rose breasted grosbeak has returned this morning with 2 of his friends. No females, yet. I’ve also got orioles, dashes of white crowned sparrows and my forever visitors the northern cardinals and chickadees.

From here, you can imagine almost anything is going on outside the perimeter of my little piece of earth, and today I choose to believe that right surpasses the wrong.

I don’t have children of my own, but of late I’ve been blessed with the task of visiting and entertaining young folk and drilling them on what they feel is really the right thing to do in most situations. What I find in most cases, unless there is a grump fest going on, is that we instinctually know as a human race, what acceptable behaviour is and what is not. We even in most cases dream to excel in our response to life’s challenges, but are often muted and don’t live our true life through our actions. We dream how good things could be and how nice we could be, but we rarely live up to our own vision, for various reasons – our families might hold us back and think we went nuts being one of those reasons. Fear of separation from the norm, what we know.

Sure, we justify our fanaticism and our alignment with crazy ideas and leadership, but given the proper de-conditioning, the realising that we are all individuals that can choose our very thoughts and change our world with them, I honestly believe good would prevail.

What would you prefer? Constant battle, disagreement, hate, murder, starvation and disease, or, a collective effort to solve and eradicate battle, disagreement, hate, murder, starvation and disease?

Wishing you new perspective in your life, the ability to see everyone as an important character that unlocks the keys to your learning. May you recognise that your thoughts create your world and if you choose to think differently, you change the world. Are you still waiting in the waiting room? Life is too fleeting to wait. Life is too magical to waste. Do the right thing. Follow the voice within. We're closer than you think....


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