The Twisting and Turning of Living

One of the more liberating philosophies I’ve developed over the past couple of decades is how to respond to life’s challenges.

I think of life like an obstacle course. The obstacles are sometimes big, sometimes small and sometimes not even apparent – but they are continuous, and they are in our lives for a reason.

If you watch children and how they respond to obstacles – you will see varying degrees of adaptability. Some kids literally just go with the flow. Watch these kids play in a playground with other kids and you will experience a thing of beauty. That kid will change the tone of the entire group of kids (except for maybe those with their heels already dug so far into the earth of life they can’t let go of their ego).

I call life’s obstacles hurdles. Hurdles in general come without warning (at least in my life). Usually I’m just enjoying a recent success or feeling for one reason or another pretty much on top of the world then smack – there’s another hurdle.

I welcome the hurdles, even when they are the last thing I wanted to see, because I know they are there to teach me something. They are there because at that particular point in my life, I was advanced enough to deal with the hurdle.

So we have choices:
  • We can lie down in front of the hurdle and complain about it being there.
  • We can try to go around the hurdle – but if you don’t actually jump the hurdle you have not completed the test
  • We can also try to ignore the hurdle – but then there is no real progression.
If you approach the hurdles in life as a challenge to excel through, you will not only reap the rewards of accomplishment and empowerment, you will also not likely have to jump that same hurdle again.

For some people the day’s hurdle may be as simple as a lack of drive to get something done. Another person’s hurdle may be cancer. Both deserve the same attention, and both are equally as important, because they are your challenges of the day, and they were meant to be.

Jump high, jump well – but jump!!
Eventually, you will even start to welcome the hurdles in your life.

Wishing you a spectacular week!


Photo Credit ~ Sylvia Armstrong

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