My Mom used to say ‘give it some elbow grease’ – meaning to really put some effort into it. It’s true, most things come with great effort. We live in a world of instant gratification. There is very little we truly have to give some elbow grease to in our lives today, but when we do – magic happens.

Look at the cathedrals of the middle ages, think of the great labour and passion that went into these. Do you see any cathedrals being built today? Think Bach, Beethoven, Michaelangelo – these talents didn’t wake up one morning and decide to try out for Canadian Idol, these artists laboured for a lifetime to achieve their talent level.

We celebrate Labour Day every year. Its origins are firmly planted in the union movement and centered around an 8 hour work day. I personally have never worked a typical 9-5 job. Being entrepreneurial has always meant long days/weeks/months/years of striving to reach a goal. Even when I am ‘employed’ I approach the work with an entrepreneurial mindset and this has served me well. I think when we’re striving for something we really care about it doesn’t matter if it’s taking more than 8 hours because we’re filled up with passion for it.

Perhaps we wouldn’t have a need for Labour Day if everyone actually loved what they did for a living and had a passion that made them strive to excel at their work and reach a goal that gives their lives a feeling of purpose.

Look for the people in your life that come from a place of passion and growth and you will find people who are satisfied in life.

Look for the people who still toil the soil of their lives instead of expecting life to be delivered to them like a pizza, and you’ll find people who have time for you and time for life.

I have a lot of artistic friends including a writer neighbour. I see her light on late at night and in the early morning when I get up before the sun rises. It is a 24/7 enterprise for her and one that she is passionate about. I’ve never heard her complain about how much time she has put into her craft. It is her privilege to do so and she knows it.

So as I enjoy a quiet Labour Day weekend I feel grateful for having passion in my life and the energy and insight to make an effort. There have been many goals, but I think this year I’ve realised the only real true goal is to feel satisfied with the life I’ve created and continue to have passion for.

Wishing you a restful and insightful Labour Day weekend.
May you find the passion that makes your days timeless and may your goals be just a little elbow grease away.

Les Tres Riches Heures du duc de Berry ~ Septembre

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