Making small changes for Planet Earth

It was approximately a year ago that I made a concentrated effort to reduce my personal paper use. I was still dependent upon that paper copy, the filing system, the copy for safe keeping.

I had already made drastic changes to my business life. People I work with know I’d prefer an email in advance of working together to share any pertinent material. I have eliminated all paper redundancies with passion. I have transformed entire departments to be more eco friendly.
It was time for me to really make a personal commitment.

Since I made the decision, what I have backed up to date has replaced 3 banker’s boxes of stuff. And those are just the documents I had filed. When I think of the trees I have used in my lifetime, I can easily overcome any fear of transitioning to a completely soft world. We have soft copies of nearly everything now, and very simple ‘IT idiot friendly’ ways to back up important documents.

Sadly, it wasn’t the environmentalist in me that made the shift. I put a concentrated effort into it because I needed to be flexible. I need info at my finger tips and I never know exactly where I might be. The shift was made out of necessity, and made possible because of technology.

I realised I met my personal goal when I looked in those file folders and there was nothing left that I cared about and nothing new coming in to put in them. I am paper-free, short of a few businesses that have received emails from me indicating that not providing an entirely digital experience has become a deal breaker for me and asking for an ETA on when they will be fully transitioned. I have some choices to make.

My new commitment to myself is to spend 30 minutes a week on making small permanent changes that can further reduce my impact here on Planet Earth. I fear part of that may require I become a better cook, or worse, gardener (look out world!) but I’m willing and ready to take a closer look.

Wishing you a week of graces for Planet Earth.

Photography credits ~ Sylvia Armstrong

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