National Equality March ~ join the solidarity parade!

Today is the National Equality March in America.

In terms of rights - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) members of our society cannot avail themselves of the same rights as heterosexual citizens. Their rights are suppressed to varying degrees in our world. In some places, there is a higher age of consent – in others, the death sentence.

Canada, when measured against its neighbor, is a pretty good place to be gay.
The States – depending on where you live, not so great.

You would think with such a fear in place globally that somehow GLBT citizens are a threat to society. Interesting.

I have many friends who are part of this community. In fact, my best friends are part of this community. My best employers have been gay; my best neighbors have been gay.

How is it that being homosexual is given so much attention and who is paying to enforce these laws and ensure that GLBT citizens never get the rights the rest of the civilized world enjoys? People get PAID to do this work. Taxpayers FUND this work – including GLBT citizens.

Give me one example of how a GLBT person has threatened you or your way of life. Entertain me. I dare you.

This ridiculous mass hysteria HAS TO STOP!

Today is a perfect example of how solidarity can be used to accomplish quantum leaps in how we think and move about this world.

To my GLBT friends – I love you, you are beautiful. Your march is my march.
May this day bring quantum leaps in rights for all GLBT citizens of our world.


Stretching to the corners of the world solidarity parade,
Along comes a time when we can't see it any other way.

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