The Thin Blue Line

If anyone needed proof that our world is changing rapidly, they needn’t look any further than the list of records broken in the past year. Record flooding, record snow falls, record droughts – and the list goes on to include lightning, earthquakes, heat waves and volcanoes erupting in Iceland, The Congo, Guatemala, Ecuador, the Philippines and Indonesia. Even New York City saw a tornado!

More people’s lives were taken on Planet Earth by natural disasters in the last year than have been killed in terrorism attacks in the past 40 years combined, WORLDWIDE. Yet, if you look to our leaders of today, it would appear as if our only concerns are debts gone awry, political posturing and the war of the day. In fact, Canada’s Prime Minister can barely even pretend to be concerned about climate and what is happening around our planet right now. Clearly, a response plan to the increase of natural disasters should be on the top of the agenda of every single government office in the world.

We don’t have to speculate about it. Look at Queensland Australia this week, or Brazil. That same scenario can and will play out all over the planet in the coming years. All the experts know it. These are all sold to us as isolated events, but to have such a myopic view could be deadly. We can sit back and think bummer for them. But it’s bummer for all of us, and it’s a big bummer. If we were to reroute all active soldiers to aid in disaster relief, we might have a chance to do the right thing, but continuing to support the inexcusable cost of war is nothing short of having our heads in the sand. Regardless of where you live on our fair planet, we need to come together and demand of our governments an immediate change of focus.

There is a thin blue line between what we have here on earth and a completely uninhabitable planet. It will take an advanced culture to preserve what little we have left and it will take an enormous amount of love and compassion extended to those affected today, to ever recover from the losses of the year.

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    Wonderfully thought provoking post! Love your blog and the rich colours and images!

    Wonderfully thought provoking post! Love your blog and the rich colours and images!

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